One Week from Kickstarter Launch

Last night, I used a carshare to bring home enough fruit, snacks and meal ingredients to keep me well fed through Friday, when Lagoon launches on Kickstarter. I splurged with some fancier fare and comfort foods that I’ve not much had since quitting my job in October. Over the past weeks, I’ve not always eaten as regularly as I should to sustain my 14-18 hour work days. So I stocked up and won’t have to worry now about not eating well or losing project time to shopping.

This morning I had a cord of firewood delivered. I’ve been dreading running out of wood for the stove that heats my speakeasy basement where I prefer to work, and have been rationing it for weeks. Even more, I’ve been dreading the time I’d lose having to deal with getting more wood. Stacking a cord takes time, and my main dry wood storage area is up a good flight of stairs from the street where it’s dumped. Fortunately, my incredible housemate Adam helped me stack all the wood and clear the wood debris from my driveway. It was a gorgeous fall day, and I was so glad to be outside if only for an hour.

This afternoon I went to the baby shower for one of my best friends. It’s the first social engagement I’ve been to since New Year’s Eve. They came down from Seattle for the shower, and I made an exception to my no-social-engagements productivity policy to see them. Just after hopping in a Car2Go to drive across town, I got a text from my neighbor and close friend Amy. She’d seen me walk by her house and was offering a ride to the baby shower. Sweet timing! So I bailed on the Car2Go and doubled back to hang out with her and Josh while they got ready. A tough Hokusai jigsaw puzzle sat unfinished at the table, so I worked on it while we talked. We three started this puzzle together at our circle’s NYE weekend at the coast, and it felt good to be working on it again.

The baby shower was packed with close friends, and I stayed way longer than I had planned to allow myself. It was the first time I’d seen any of them since the holidays, and it felt amazing to be back in my community for a few hours. They showed me so much love, support, and¬†encouragement. It reminded me how lucky I am, and how awesome it will be to have a social life again in a couple weeks! This was a much needed boost as I head into my final week preparing for the Kickstarter.

And as a bonus, I left the party a lot closer to securing health coverage since quitting my job! Oregon’s health care exchange has suffered the challenges many states have, and my application has been in process for more than a month and a half. One of my friends at the party has a top position at the exchange, and can help get my application moving again. It would be really, really nice to have health insurance again starting in February.

Now I sit by a hot wood stove typing away on this blog post. Let me give you a quick tour of Three Hares Games headquarters:

By the Stove

Kickstarter video set. AKA my basement. I do most of my work down here.

Prototype Construction Station

Lagoon prototype workbench. The stack of boxes at the back are filled with laser cut hex tiles and tokens.

The second photo is the other side of the speakeasy, with my game table set up as a prototype workbench. There’s a bar too, but I don’t work there. :-)

This space has always felt special to me, like a retreat from the world — and from my life. But now, this beloved space is where the first steps in my new life are unfolding. It isn’t removed from the world, it currently is my world. I’m looking forward to expanding my life outside these walls again very soon, but for now this is a pretty sweet place to be as I buckle down for the Lagoon Kickstarter. I’ve got my food, I’ve got wood for my stove, I’ve got love from my friends, and a renewed drive to power me through what’s ahead. That’s a pretty good list of assets if the apocalypse were ahead, so I think I can handle anything short of that too.

4 thoughts on “One Week from Kickstarter Launch

  1. So glad to have found out about yourself and Lagoon via Twitter a couple weeks ago, can’t wait to learn more information about the game and your journey in creating and publishing it. After reading these few blog posts it seems that you have a good plan going in and a fantastic support system in place. Good luck and I can’t wait to check Lagoon out!

  2. David,
    Came across Lagoon on BGG twenty minutes ago. Been gaming 40 years. Looks such fun. With 8 minutes to go to launch, I wish you well…

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